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Scenes from a Barstool Poetry night. 2014 SXSW. C-Boys. Austin, TX

Scenes from a Barstool Poetry night. 2014 SXSW. C-Boys. Austin, TX


Stay tuned for our next—and possibly last—Barstool Poetry event in Austin.



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In honor of the Spurs’ NBA championship this week. Not exactly a barstool poem. But, hey, it’s a poem. And we love this guy. Class act.

public radio shout out

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One of our favorite radio stations in Austin, KUT, did a story about Barstool Poetry last week. Check it out here

don draper’s fork in the road


another one from the wedding reception…



I don’t know, it’s imploding
I thought it was a match
it started on [a] motel…..
But now it seems like
a scratch….
Don’t be so stubborn…
Tell them who is a
loved one….

i went to a wedding this weekend and a barstool poem broke out


As far as I can tell, it went something like this:

fuck it, i’m done
Your eyes are roaming and i’m in
Sonoma. I want to go home-a.
I feel so alone-a.
I’ve been nothing but loving
and I’m tired of wondering.
You have eyes that are unfaithful
as if you’re waiting for the date [who]
will rock your world.
Which is what I’ve been trying
to do — but you think you’re too good.





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