Your title. My poem. My title. Your poem.

coming soon – barstool poetry book party #3!



Join us for another night of writing, reading and rating booze-fueled poems written on cocktail napkins. Your price of admission: one title written on a cocktail napkin. Someone else will use your title as inspiration to write a poem. At the end of the night we’ll collect all the poems and make a book – which we’ll be selling for $13 at Barstool Poetry Book Party #4 in March.

(Copies of the books we produced after Book Party #1 at Star Bar and Book Party #2 at Violet Crown Social Club will be available Saturday night also.)

Here’s how it works. We’ll have a table with 3 large bowls, plus lots of pens and cocktail napkins.

Bowl #1: Add a napkin with a title. Or pull someone else’s title out and go write a poem.

Bowl #2: Drop your completed poem in here. OR read what all these drunks around you are writing.

Bowl #3: You’ve read a few poems. This is where you drop your favorites. The poems that made you laugh. That made you wince. That made you think. That made you swoon.

Throughout the night attendees will have a chance to read their favorite poems to the crowd. It’s karaoke meets poetry slam meets open mic night.

Our motto is: there’s no such thing as a bad poem. Only a bad attitude. And if poetry intimidates you, at the very least you can throw in a title.

As our new friend Mike said after Barstool Poetry Book Party #1: “That was one of the strangest, funnest things I’ve been to in a LONG time.”

Come see what the hell Mike was talking about.

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