Your title. My poem. My title. Your poem.

New Titles & Poems

A Bowl Full of Poems 
Absolutely Not
Absolutely True
Adulterous Pigeon
A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’
A Lot Has Happened In This Mouth
Amanda Burden
Angela, Do You Want a Donut?
A Place In Mind
Backseat Shuffle
Bats, Bats, Bats
Being Tacky
Best Sex Ever
Big Beer
Bitch, Please, Really?
Blue Blazes In the Night Sky
Boob Job In a Strip Center
Booze, Hoops & Broken Bones
Bubble Bath
Butt Popsicle
Car I Was Driving Ran Out of Gas, The
Chocolate Wasted
Common Ground
Cue Ball
Damn This Amp
Dating In Austin
David Bowie For Pope
Dear People of Austin
Did You Hear About the Penis-less Man That Ejaculated?
Difference Between Now and Then, The
Dirty Feet
Don Draper Code, The
Eating Ribs While Driving…
Elegant Fannies
Eowyn In the Back
Fear Boner
Flat Fat Momma
Girl With Cool Shoes
Give Me My Space
Haiku For My New Bicycle
Heartbreak @ the Laundromat
Her Name Was Liz…
His Love With Glove
I Am Not Old
I Can’t Get Deep With My Poetry
I Miss You
Interesting Stains
Is It So Bad To Indulge?
Is It Too Late To Be What I Want To Be?
It Is Fate…I Have to Defecate
It Got Weird When the Unicorn Showed Up…
It Is What It Is
It’s a Wonderful World
It Shouldn’t Bend Like That
I Worked At N.A.S.A.
Joe B.
Kim Kardashian Is Hot
Kitty Whiskers
Last Call Girl
Last One, The 
Lemonheads & Beer
Longest Day, The
Lucky In Lust
Michigan Football Sucks
My Jeans Are Dirty, But Not Too Dirty For Austin
My Life…In 3 Parts
My Sister Does Her Best Work In Mexico
My Wreckless Boner
Never Mind the Pleasantries
Oh Pearlsnap!
One Hundred Dollars
One of a Kind
On My Last Leg
Pee Spray…On My Ankles
Pens In Bars
Pope That Quit Was a Nazi, The
Porn On the Cob
Queso Embrace-o
Robert Frost
She Came For the Poetry
She Made Me Breakfast
Shitty Wizard
Short Throat
Smoking Cigerets
Steal the Funeral
Tastes Beefy
Tattoo Fail
That’s Not Our Pet!
This Drink Is For Dali
Trust Me, I’m An Expert
Two Times, What Was the Question
Ubiquitous Loneliness
Unrequited Ostrich
Vinyl Dharma
Weathered Stone
We Were a Paul Family
What’s In It For Me?
Why Can’t I Fall In Love
Wine Drunk
Xfit Banjo
Yoga Pants
Your Consciousness Is Way Too Much…
Your Mom Was My Music Teacher, I Hated Her

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