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A big thanks to everyone who showed up to Mugshots last Friday. While we didn’t get a huge turnout, we still had fun and went home with around 25 barstool poems. For the next month we’ll be posting one-a-day from that night, so stay tuned. Here’s our 1st sample from that night.

Mugshots. Austin, TX. August 2014.

Mugshots. Austin, TX. August 2014.

farewell austin


WHAT: Barstool Poetry book release party
WHEN: Friday, August 22nd from 9pm to 2am
WHERE: Mugshots in Austin, TX
WHY: Self-expression, laughter & liquor

My entire life I’ve wanted to try living in New York City. Now that it’s about to become a reality, I’m having mixed emotions. Because it means I’ll be leaving this town I’ve fallen hard for. I moved to Austin for Janis Joplin and another Texas girl I’ll be marrying in October. Since moving here on St. Patrick’s Day in 2010, I’ve met hundreds of very cool, extremely friendly longtime locals, Austin newbies and out-of-towners during my 3-year run as a local cabbie. And I’ve had a blast sharing our collaborative-poems-on cocktail-napkins concept with my cab customers and many a stranger at our various BP nights—culminating in this latest incarnation of Barstool Poetry. No less than 8 Barstool Poetry gatherings boiled down into this book. If you’re in Austin on August 22nd we hope you’ll join us for one last go round before the big move to NYC. And if you can’t make it, you can always buy the book here to see what you’ve been missing.

a new road

We’re gonna start posting these Barstool Poetry videos of folks reading/performing their favorite barstool poems. I shot this 1st one—of me reading the poem “L.A. — Life or Dogshit” on my iPhone—using an app called 8mm. I added the music in Adobe Premiere. Not sure why the video is so grainy. We’ve got more of these things coming, hopefully with better visuals. But at this point, it’s a very lo-fi DIY situation.

coming soon

Scenes from a Barstool Poetry night. 2014 SXSW. C-Boys. Austin, TX

Scenes from a Barstool Poetry night. 2014 SXSW. C-Boys. Austin, TX


Stay tuned for our next—and possibly last—Barstool Poetry event in Austin.



























In honor of the Spurs’ NBA championship this week. Not exactly a barstool poem. But, hey, it’s a poem. And we love this guy. Class act.

another one from the wedding reception…



I don’t know, it’s imploding
I thought it was a match
it started on [a] motel…..
But now it seems like
a scratch….
Don’t be so stubborn…
Tell them who is a
loved one….

i went to a wedding this weekend and a barstool poem broke out


As far as I can tell, it went something like this:

fuck it, i’m done
Your eyes are roaming and i’m in
Sonoma. I want to go home-a.
I feel so alone-a.
I’ve been nothing but loving
and I’m tired of wondering.
You have eyes that are unfaithful
as if you’re waiting for the date [who]
will rock your world.
Which is what I’ve been trying
to do — but you think you’re too good.




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